Dear Human In Wonder,

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Welcome to the Cece's Speakeasy Online Held Space where, in the palms our imagination, we hold the future within which we want to live. 

It's 2031. I have responded to the local effects of the rise of  global temperatures. Agricultural crops around the world are suffocating in the heat and so is the faith of the people that things will ever change.

Since the early 2010's, coffee and chocolate have been severely impacted by the warming planet Earth, and so, in the not-so-distant future, coffee bean production will halt – the coffee plant will become extinct. By 2050 there will be no more chocolate.

Yet Cece's is underground, forging networks,
amongst the roots of trees.

It is a place for truth-seekers and those still in awe and wonder of this Planet floating in black space.  These seekers are asking questions about where we're really headed as s species, without the fear-mongering.

Cece's is a space for chocolate lovers and coffee drinkers. For adventurers. For those with a story to tell and those who want to listen.

Cece’s Speakeasy is an action of hope.
#HopeIsAVerb – @FehintiBalogun

It's a place to drink prohibited  espresso martinis, and spiced chilli  hot chocolate. To witness the choreography of chicken seasoned in cacao and  devoured by the many who resist , the dissident and lovers of food as medicine.

Come kick back and immerse yourself in story and tale, poetry, music and song. Join those who know a free and healthy world is possible as we flex the muscle of  imagination in the real time. Welcome To My Work, Welcome to Cece's Speakeasy! ~  Cece x 

A Place for the People

Set in a future world where coffee and chocolate are nearly extinct, Cece’s Speakeasy is an immersive poetic experience where storytellers, poets and musicians share new work exploring hope and action during the climate emergency.

Following the success of Cece’s Speakeasy in London in June/July 2021, the Cece’s project will be spreading its message across the country. In the Midlands and South West regions, 12 artists have been commissioned to create digital poetic artworks as part of a campaign on climate justice and colonialism, writing and activism.

Around COP26, live events and community workshops will be held in Nottingham and Bristol to showcase this work and further the dialogue.

Cast and Crew

Poets & storytellers:

Jan Blake – Storyteller

Anthony Joseph – Professor & Poet

The Repeat Beat Poet – Journalist & Poet

Safiya Kamaria Kinshasa – Choreographer & Poet

Amyra León – Vocalist, Composer & Poet


Eric Appapoulay – Guitar

Isobella Burnham – Bass & Vocals

Jeramaine Amissah – Sax & clarinet

Marcina Arnold – Percussion & Vocals

Renato Paris – Keys & Vocals

Westley Joseph – Drums

Production Team

Artistic Directior: Zena Edwards

Musical Director & Composer: Eric Appapoulay

Design: Paul Burgess

Producer: Lisa Mead


Production Manager: Ben Stephen

Design Assistant: Carly Brownbridge

Carpenter: David Larking

Sound Engineer: Ed Burton

Photography & Video documentation: Garth Thomas

Artwork: Justin Mckenzie

Musical consultation: Yvette Griffith

Cece’s Activists:

Anneliese Amoah

Bhumika Billa

Cherry Eckle

Eileen Gbagbo

Lashay Green

Activists Mentor: Kat Francois

Activists Producer: Natalie Fiawoo

An illustration of coffee beans and leaves with Extinct written over it

Mexican Hot Chocolate

If all this reading about chocolate has made you crave this yummy treat, why not make some Mexican hot chocolate? It’s perfect on a cloudy day, and with its sweet, creamy texture, your friends and family will beg for more! 


1/2 cup sugar 

3 ounces unsweetened chocolate  

1 teaspoon cinnamon 

5 cups milk 

2 beaten eggs 

2 teaspoon vanilla 



  1. In a large saucepan, add the milk, sugar, cinnamon and chocolate. Stir over a medium heat until the chocolate melts.
  2. When the chocolate has melted, add the remaining 4 cups of milk. Stir constantly until hot. 
  3. Remove one cup of the hot mixture using a ladle. Add the beaten eggs to the cup of hot mixture that you removed, and mix until thoroughly blended. Add the egg mixture back into the saucepan. 
  4. Heat through. When hot, add the vanilla. 
  5. As an optional step, you can beat the mixture with an electric blender to make it more frothy.
  6. Ladle into cups, top with whipped cream, and add a cinnamon stick for an extra special touch.

With Thanks

Season for Change, is a nationwide programme of artistic and cultural events that celebrate the environment and inspire urgent climate action.

Commissioned by Season for Change, a nationwide programme of artistic and cultural events that celebrate the environment and inspire urgent climate action. Led by Julie’s Bicycle and Artsadmin, and supported by Arts Council England and Paul Hamlyn Foundation. 

#SeasonforChange @jointheseason_

Cece’s has received additional support from The London Community Foundation and Cockayne – Grants for the Arts, the PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund for Organisations, Jerwood Arts and The Garrick Trust.

Meet the Poets and Storytellers